Friday, September 9, 2011

[Weekly Digest] Galatians419 Devotionals for week of 9/4/2011

In case you missed one this week, here are the devotionals for the week of 9/4/2011:

Are You Living a Shouldy Life?

By Allen White 

Over the last few Sundays, I’ve led “Bible time” with our kids. Our first lesson came from this passage. I had each of my children build houses out of Legos. After each child completed their creation, we went out back to the kiddie pool. Read more...

Touching the Untouchables

By Allen White 

Jesus healed in many different ways. Sometimes He touched the ill person. Other times He just said the word and healing took place (Luke 18:35-43). In the case of the centurion (Matthew 8:5-13), Jesus spoke the word from a distance, and the servant was healed. He healed a blind man by making mud (Matthew 9:1-12). We get the impression that the Son of God can heal whomever He wants in any way He wants. Read more...

Taking an Educated Leap of Faith

By Allen White 

The centurion created a new paradigm of faith. Up until this time, everyone who was healed was front and center in Jesus’ presence. But, the centurion revealed an attribute of God that others weren’t aware of. God is omnipresent – present everywhere all of the time. Read more...

Who’s In and Who’s Out

By Allen White 

To put this in context, the centurion, for whatever reason, believed that he wasn’t worthy to have Jesus in his home. The centurion, understanding that Jesus had the authority to heal, told Jesus that He  just needed to give the command. Today’s verse is Jesus’ reaction. Read more...

Faith Versus Proof

By Allen White 

Abraham had faith based on God’s promises to him in Genesis 12:1-3. Abraham didn’t have “sight.” God gave the promise of making Abraham into a great nation, but at the time Abraham didn’t have any children. God gave Abraham a promise of making his name great and of being a blessing to all peoples. Abraham didn’t even have a square foot of land or a place to park his camel. Abraham started his journey with plenty of faith, but absolutely no “sight.” Read more...

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