Friday, February 10, 2012

[Weekly Digest] Galatians419 Devotionals for week of 2/5/2012

Just in case you missed something this week:

Christian Athiests

By Allen White

Back in Bible college, we would often be called to moments of commitment in our chapel services. Usually those appeals would go like this, “Everyone who will commit to pray for this missionary every day, please rise to your feet.”

My friends would hop to their feet. I would sit in my chair. Scornfully, my friends would whisper, “You’re not going to pray for this missionary?”

I would whisper back,

God’s Unfair Labor Practices

In this day and age, a parable like this doesn’t make any sense. If we owned a vineyard and sent an employee to check on it, only to discover the employee was killed by the tenant, we’d call the police. We’d have them arrested. We would throw them out immediately. But, this was no ordinary vineyard. Read more...

How Do You Know Who’s Going to Heaven?

By Allen White
This parable aims at a hard truth – not everyone will make it to Heaven. Even among those who traffic in church circles -- not all of them belong to God. How do you know? How do you know who’s in and who’s out?

Some guests were invited to the banquet, but they were distracted by other things. Their business and their interests kept them from the party.

Others were invited, but were actually resistant to the invitation. Their response was met with severe punishment.

Then others, who prior to Jesus’ day, were never invited to the party suddenly received invitations. Who let them in? God did.

We can see from this parable that God’s people, Abraham’s descendents, who rejected Jesus, also refused entrance into God’s Kingdom. They may yet change their minds. Read more...

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