Sunday, March 12, 2017

My New Book

Hey Folks,

Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. I just published my first book, Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church's Potential with Hendrickson Publishers out of Boston. This is a pastor/church leader kind of a book, so if you are one, buy one. If you're not, then pick one up for your pastor and others. For the whole scoop and where to get a copy:

From Exponential Groups:
“Everyone is already in a group.
“When I saw “group,” something from years of church Bible studies comes to mind. You might protest that there are plenty of people who aren’t in groups like this. But it’s true. Everyone is already in a group, it’s just not the group you have in mind. People are in groups called families, friends, coworkers, neighbors, soccer moms, and many others. If your question is how are these church groups? I want to suggest you change your question to what can these groups do intentionally about their spiritual growth?”
— excerpt from the Introduction

Podcasts, Blog Posts, and Interviews about Exponential Groups:

From the Foreword by Chip Ingram:

“Allen offers practical insights and proven steps to start new groups in your church, whether you’ve been at groups for a long time or are just getting started. These are principles from the trenches, not unproven theories. What Allen has done in his own churches and in our church will work for your church as well. This isn’t a cookie cutter strategy that treats every church exactly the same. No two churches are really the same. The variety and flexibility you will discover in this book will help you make a custom fit for your congregation.”
Chip Ingram, Senior Pastor, Venture Church, Los Gatos, CA and Founder and President, Living on the Edge

What Others are Saying about Exponential Groups:

“Wouldn’t it be great to have ALL the people in our churches connected to groups in which they can do life together, learn about God, and encourage each other? The problem is that we might be standing in the way of that happening without even knowing it. If you want to learn how to empower your people to step up and serve, and effectively reach those outside of the church, pick up a copy of Exponential Groups by Allen White. Your people have the power to impact the lives of others for God in the long-term, and you can help them discover it.”
Greg Surratt, Founding Pastor,  Seacoast Church,   Mt. Pleasant, SC, President, ARC and  Author of Ir-Rev-Rend 
“Allen White eats, sleeps and breathes small groups and the strategies that help churches engage and connect their people.  His experience is rich, broad and deep, not only will his stories of success inspire you but his stories of what hasn’t worked will give you confidence in his advice.  If you are serious about groups this book will give you plenty to chew on and encouragement for the journey. “
Rick Rusaw, Lead Pastor, LifeBridge Christian Church, Longmont, CO and Author of The Neighboring Church and The Externally Focused Church