Friday, November 18, 2011

[Weekly Digest] Galatians419 Devotionals for week of 11/13/2011

Note: I had a little trouble posting this one. If you happen to receive it twice, my apologies. -- Allen

Just in case you missed one this week:

Are You All In?

By Allen White   

I don’t gamble. But, once in a while I will watch high stakes poker games on TV. Poker is part strategy, part psychology, and part dumb luck. Not very often, but every once in a while, a player gets a hand that can’t be beat. They go “all in.” They bet the farm, if they own one. Read more...

Cast Your Vote by 11/22: Help Water of Life   

Chase Community Giving is handing out $3,000,000 in the next week. Help Water of Life on our   mission to provide fresh water and the Gospel in Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Guinea and among the Untouchables in India.

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Vote for Water of Life (you get 10 votes). Voting ends on November 22, 2011.

Thanks for your help,

Winning People to Churchianity?

By Allen White   

Most people don’t write their memoirs at 25 years of age. As epic as their antics might seem to themselves, the rest of the world simply rolls their eyes and cynically waits for the rest of the story. At 25 years of age, most of us don’t know who we are, let alone have much to shout about. Read more...

How is Jesus Living Up to Your Expectations?

By Allen White   

My parents are still part of a church they joined in 1969. The folks in this church have known me since I was four-years-old. Dear saints like Alvin Andres, Lillian Reese, Ona Mae Price and so many others poured themselves into my life over the years. Read more...

Can You Handle the Truth?

By Allen White   

In my early days of ministry, I had many doubts about my effectiveness as a pastor and especially as a preacher or Bible study leader. A number of those doubts remain. Read more...

Jesus Cares About What You Need

By Allen White   

Often we race past the first two paragraphs of this account and head straight into the miracle. There is something very human and very divine about Jesus in this situation.

First, He retreated to a solitary place. Jesus was grieving the death of His friend and co-worker John the Baptist. The Son of God and Savior of the world needed some space to deal with His feelings over John’s cruel death. Even Jesus couldn’t just move on. Read more...

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