Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Key to Unlocking God’s Blessing

By Allen White

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. 2 Corinthians 9:6

Not many of us are farmers any more. In fact, when my father, who was raised on a farm, took an agriculture class in high school, the teacher taught them about landscaping their yards. This would be more practical than learning to farm for most of his students. 

We left the agrarian age long ago. We are now in the information age. If we get hungry, I suppose we can eat our words. But, what we lack in our understanding of horticulture, we can make up for in our understanding of sowing and reaping.

Paul’s audience knew the reference well. If you were generous in scattering seed, you would receive a generous harvest. If you were stingy with your seed, your harvest would not be as plentiful. This principle was true regardless of drought, pestilence or other circumstances beyond the farmer’s control. After all, it rains on both the generous and the stingy. The end result fully depends on what you have invested.

So, let’s examine our crops. What areas of our lives are overflowing with abundance? Where are we scraping the bottom of the barrel? If we have rich friendships, then we have probably sown abundantly in developing those relationships. If our marriages are hanging by a thread, then guess what? If God is blessing us and we enjoy an overall sense of well-being, then we have sown well in our relationship with God.

Now, any relationship with another person is never a hundred percent on our side. Many of us have loved and lost over the years. It’s not all up to us. But, the same is true for everyone, yet some people have an abundance of great friends, while others seem to have none. Those who are generous with their time, their attention, their resources, and themselves develop great relationships.

While we don’t give just to get, if we don’t give, then we shouldn’t expect much in return. Whether we’re sharing our ideas, skills, resources or ourselves, the generous reap abundantly. Hoarders are limited to what they have.

What do you have that would greatly benefit another? How can you help others? What great idea are you sitting on that with the right partner could be a great success? What are you waiting for?

Those who go through life with a clinched fist, keep what’s theirs, but struggle to hang onto it. Those who approach life with an open hand, enrich the lives of others and live abundant lives.

Where do you need to invest? In your spouse and your children? In an idea or an opportunity? In a friend or a potential friend? Your harvest depends on what you’re willing to sow.

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