Friday, March 12, 2010

New Series Starts

I hope that you've benefitted from two full months on Abraham. I have certainly discovered things that I never really thought about before, and I've been on this path for nearly 40 years.

This next week we turn toward the events leading up to Easter. We will look at how God's eternal plan culminated in one profound week: The Week that Changed the World. I would encourage you to also join us at Brookwood Church for the message series, March 21-April 4. If you are outside of the Greenville, SC area, you can view the services online at The Sunday services are posted every Sunday afternoon. For further study, take a look at the Message Discussion Guide that is intended for Small Groups, individuals, or just a couple of friends over coffee: The Guides also appear on Sunday afternoons.

Lastly, feel free to add your comments and observations to the Devotional blog at

Thanks for following,
Allen White

PS Don't forget to set your clock one hour AHEAD on Saturday night!

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