Saturday, October 19, 2019

New Small Group Study from Allen White

Community: Six Weeks to a Healthy Group

God created people for community. Everyone needs a place to get to know others and to allow themselves to become known. Community is a place to find love and acceptance. But, community is made up of individuals who come from different places and carry different ideas. Not all community is healthy. Not all community is unified. But, it can be.
This six-week study will tackle the big issues of community — expectations, honesty, serving, growth, conflict, and outreach. This is a place to learn, but more importantly it’s a place to work things out. This resource facilitates a setting where everybody can be heard and where consensus is reached. A group going in one direction is a powerful thing. A group divided into many directions is a chaotic thing. In these six weeks, groups will work on:
  • Lesson 1 – Group Expectations
  • Lesson 2 – Honest Conversations
  • Lesson 3 – Using Your Gifts
  • Lesson 4 – Spiritual Growth
  • Lesson 5 – Conflict Resolution
  • Lesson 6 – Reaching Others
This study is a great resource for any new group a church wants to start or for any group that desires to become healthy. This is also a great next step study for groups formed for church-wide campaigns or alignment series. As Allen says, “Don’t take the first step, if you haven’t planned a next step.” The next step study is one of the keys to lasting groups.

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